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A Citizen's Rights

Let's start out with a few important links:

From the Bible, history, and personal experience,
the Lord Jesus Christ has impressed upon me the idea that


Lest some accuse me of being a gun worshipper, please read this attached link before continuing further on the current page.  Let me assure the reader that I do not idolize guns at all.  Guns are tools, and any tool can be used badly or wisely, just as kitchen knives and motor vehicles are used safely by millions of people or to kill and maim thousands and thousands of people every year.  God Himself is on the throne of glory; guns are not.  However, I must note the monstrous furor over firearms, that has continued from the 1980's and 1990's on into the Twenty-first Century, an irrational public fever about whether citizens of the United States of America have any right "to keep and to bear arms" personally, whether it be for hunting, target practice, or personal defense.   Thomas Jefferson and others have had some very pointed comments about this issue, with the point aiming at the government, so that those in government would think twice before trying to subjugate the citizenry.

Our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution plainly state the concern of our forefathers (even as they wrote in their personal papers) regarding the issue of keeping and bearing of personal weapons. Each of the individual states have subscribed themselves thereto, as they came one by one to accept the tenets of these Documents: agreeing to abide by the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of our Nation.

However, national moral character seems to have run away, in fear of offending anyone who happens to deny that God Himself instituted the death penalty for many crimes. Many worldly panic stricken people are unwilling to stand up for moral righteousness: to tell of the LORD's judgment and salvation; unwilling to speak the truth: to expose sin and declare our righteous God's redemption; unwilling to fight for decency when necessary, as if it would cost us too much, or upset someone. The lack of a Right Spirit within us and among us ails our nation.   Our love of the worldly and the convenient cripples us.

Today, both violent and non-violent criminals easily go to prison crime colleges, then go free to strike again and again, while law abiding citizens are told they have no need nor right to defend themselves or their families against evil.  Even many preachers, congregations, and governments of our communities refrain from adhering to doing good, and turn a blind eye away from obeying God's ordinances of punishment for those who break His laws. With so much emphasis on the rights of the accused and the convict, why are we so lax in caring for the victims of crime? Where is our concern for personal accountability and responsibility which MUST go equally in hand with ANY discussion of or claim for rights??  How can a guilty person have more rights than one whom he/she has abused or vicitimized?  The reader KNOWS that there is something seriously wrong with our communities today.

 Despite the personal frailties of our forebears and ourselves, as a military veteran, having had my own blood shed in service to our God blessed nation, I find the opinions behind most anti-gun postures to be reactionary, uninformed insults against all that veterans have sacrificed. "The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance." [Speech on the right of election of Lord Mayor of Dublin, 10 July 1790 by John Philpot Curran.]  Is not this eternal vigilance spiritual in nature?   Can we ever hope to have peace and liberty if we will not humble ourselves individually and collectively before the Holy God of Creation?  There is no doubt in my mind that many times throughout history God has sent individuals and nations into combat to ward off, confront, or even destroy other people or nations that refuse to repent of sinful behaviors.   We need to ask ourselves which one we would rather be, the recipient of God's wrath or the one God chooses to use against evildoers.  But, before making a hasty answer, remember that changing the world has to start with our own personal thoughts and behaviors.  As someone once told me, assuming that I have all my digits, if I point a finger at someone else there are at least three of my own fingers pointing back at me.  Self-control is not just a denial of worldly pleasures, but the ability to do what is right at the right time and for the right reason, which, according to God is also ensuring that we have a government that is willing to execute evil doers as God has ordained, when they refuse to repent of their evil ways.  Doing right is being able to hit your criminal target, and not the neighbors, when you need to protect your family against criminals who attack your family.

If, in the worldly sense, we citizens give away the power of our enfranchised rights and privileges, as guaranteed by our Founding Documents, then we can only blame ourselves for having helped the government to strip us of those worldly rights and privileges. That stripping away of citizens' liberty is happening right now in nations all over the world, and it is especially obvious in England and Australia where the legal and social structures most closely resemble our own.  The ultimate test of our moral fiber and character lies in how we each respond to God's invitations in Joshua 1:8, 2 Chronicles 7:14, and Jeremiah 18:7-10. 

University of Chicago Research Paper (by Lott and Mustard):
Discussion of the Economics of Right-to-Carry Gun Laws [multiple related links]

I used to have a link to the National Rifle Association's website, for the purpose of allowing the reader to quickly refer to the NRA point of view.  However, I dropped their link because of their web practice of capturing one's browser and not releasing it promptly when the back arrow is clicked.

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