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Reader Comments

Reviews for Ryan's Secret Balloon Ride:

"What a beautiful and bright balloon ride! A childhood fever turns into an adventure across the world. I especially loved the overhead Taj Mahal visit and flying with a bald eagle!"
    - Shannon McCarthy, Artist

"I had both [ed. my] girls glued to our computer for your treat. What a nice story.”
    - Kathy Shiers, Photographer

"...you've got a little gem..."
    - Garth, Artist and Art Gallery Manager

""A charming blend of fact and fiction,
very engaging."
    - Nancy Cameron, Reviewer

"...not just a kids story but also one adults narrating at bedtime will relate to."
    - Brion, Structural Engineer

"...book looks amazing. I love the color and vibrancy...."
    - Kate Duffy, Artist & Teacher

"I enjoyed reading it. ...vibrant colors and great layout of the book."
    - Ryan B,  Software Engineer

“I am thrilled to tell you that the books have finally arrived.  They are really good and I am not just saying that.  I have been enjoying reading them.  I have started with the intimate one.”   “I never thought I would really enjoy reading poetry but as I have been reading your books I have become engrossed in them.  Your poems are so very beautiful.” 
        - Annalisa (Philippines)

“Your poems are beautiful and touching.” 
        - Paul

Congratulations!! How nice for you! That must give you a good buzz. I think you will be a known poet one day.  Some of your poems are just excellent and they all hold your own particular flavor. You will be remembered as a 21st century poet.”
        - Helene (Norway)

“I finished your book!  You really surprised me....I enjoyed (understood) most of [the poems].”
        - Ron (Connecticut, USA)

“...beautiful.  Very powerful.”
        - Lisa (Connecticut, USA)

"I'm in Wisconsin and read 'Ryan's Secret Balloon Ride' to my granddaughters last night, ages 7 and 4. They both enjoyed it, but I think the older one got more out of it. I liked the geography thread.... It is quite good. Congratulations!"
        - Conni, Grandmother

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Pining from the Heat    •    Three Crows Hunting

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