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Help / Frequently Asked Questions...

Registration & Login

Do I have to register in order to use this website?
No. Feel free to browse the site all you like, and you can even start a shopping cart without registering. Of course, you'll need to register in order to use certain features of the site, such as saving your favorites, or the free downloads.

Why do I have to register to store the images in my shopping cart?
By registering an account you are able to keep items in your shopping cart for a long period of time, and you will be able to view your open orders. Registration and passwords also improve identity protection when accessing internet accounts.

Does it cost anything to register for an account?
No. There is no cost for registering with CraigSzwed.Net.

I can't seem to log in, can you help?
Remember that your password is case sensitive, be sure that you have entered it correctly. If you have forgotten your password, you can use our handy Forgotten Password feature. If necessary, you can send me an email with your name, telephone number, and the email address you used during registration and I'll respond with your password.

Viewing Photos

How do I view a larger version of a photo?
If you click on a thumbnail you will see a medium version of the photograph. If you click on the medium photo, you will see a larger version of the photo. For security purposes, both medium and large photos contain the watermark "PROOF - do not duplicate". This watermark will not be present on photographs that you download.

Can I view photos without registering?
Visitors can view photos, save them in a shopping cart, and use most other features of the website without registering or logging in. However, be aware that if you're not logged in, any photos in your cart, or tagged as favorites will be lost when you close your browser.

How can I locate a photo topic for which I'm looking?
Each photo gallery contains a search feature. Simply type the best word to describe the photographic subject that you're trying to find. If you get no results using one particular word then try something related or a one word description, or by using a less specific word. For instance, if you are looking for photos of a bald eagle: Go to the Nature/Birds-Bees gallery, and enter "bald eagle". If you get no results, you can try "eagle" or "bird" or “bald”, and see what comes up. For multi-level galleries, you can also try checking the "Main gallery and sub galleries" button. Also, there may be related images in other galleries. If you enter the word “iguana” in the search box for either the Nature or the Travel International master galleries, then iguana pictures will be pulled from their respective sub-galleries.

Why do I get no results when I search for multiple words, such as "eagle, falcon"?
The current version of the search engine treats the entire search string as a single word, so searching on multiple words is tricky at best. I've spoken with the developer, and this is being considered for a future upgrade of the software. In the meantime, searching for the individual words is usually the most productive way to search.

Why do I get seemingly unrelated photos when I search for something specific?
If you go to the Nature/Animals-Fish Gallery and type 'cat' into the search engine, one of the first images you see is of an iguana. Obviously, an iguana is not a cat. This image is picked because the search engine looks at things called 'keywords' that are assigned to photos to help find them, based on their content, or where they were taken, or some other attribute of the photo. That iguana photo was shot on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The 'cat' in the middle of Yucatan is what the search engine saw and captured as it sorted through thousands of 'keyword' clues, looking for anything containing 'cat'. Experiment with the words you use, just as you would on the internet, to search through each of the gallery groups.

Why can't I search for what I want when I am looking at the initial page that shows all the main galleries?
We asked the software company this same question, and they said that they may eventually incorporate an updated search engine that will allow users to search every gallery at the same time. Until then, thank you for your patience.

When I view photos, the word PROOF appears. How can I see what the photo really looks like?
The watermark "PROOF do not duplicate" will appear in several places on all photos. It is a security feature that helps to prevent unauthorized downloading. Unfortunately this is a necessary measure, and there is no way to remove it. However, the watermark is merely a feature of the website, and does not exist on the photo itself. It did not appear on photos that were purchased and downloaded when the business part of this site was in operation.

Website Features

What do the small icons below the thumbnails represent?
= Preview the photograph: Hover over the magnifying glass icon to see a preview of the photo.

= Compare images: To compare multiple images side-by-side, click on the flag icon under each image. Once you've selected all the images to compare, click on the word "compare". Upon completion, clicking on one of the large images will reset the flags and display that image's purchase page. To exit the comparison wihtout resetting the flags, use your browsers "back" button.

= Add to favorites: Click on the heart icon to add the phot to your list of favorites. You must be logged in to use this feature.

= Add to Cart: Click on the shopping cart icon to view this photo's purchase page.

What is the Guest Book all about?
The Guest Book is a place where my customers can leave appropriate comments about my website, books, and photos, or just to say "Hello, I was here". The guest book is open to the public so please keep your entries brief, friendly, and on topic.

Purchasing/Downloading Photos: FREE photo DOWNLOADs now offered

Can I download photos from your site?
Yes! FREE downloads are now available to registered guests, for personal use only.

Can I buy prints of your photos?
No. The business side of this website is closed, so purchases are not required, but donations are welcome, at guests' discretion. Thank you.

Can I store photos in the shopping cart, to review them, at another time, after I leave the site?
Yes, IF you are logged in as a registered user your pictures will stay in your shopping cart until you either remove them yourself, or the account is closed.

If I decide to donate, how is that done?
Donations may be made via PayPal's "SEND MONEY" feature, through your PayPal account. Donations should be directed to this website's email address: info@craigszwed.net. Donations are NOT tax deductible.

Website Policies

Can I buy a printed photo from this site?
No sales or other services are offered by this website: The free photo file download is all this site offers. There are many fine photo print services out there, including MyPhotoPipe.com

How does CraigSzwed.net protect my personal information?
Like most people, I do not like my personal information splattered all over the place or misused, and I promise that I will not misuse your personal information either. Your information is collected for the sole purposes of managing your account, and communicating with you. I have no intention of your information ever being accessed by anyone not directly affiliated with CraigSzwed.Net.


How can I find out more about Craig Szwed?
For starters, you can check out my personal info on this site. Additionally, "Google-ing" my name will turn up all sorts of interesting tidbits and articles about me and my life. My blog and YouTube links on the CraigSzwed.Net Homepage share even more about my outlook on life.

How can I contact Craig Szwed?
You may email inquiries or comments to info@CraigSzwed.net.

Who designed your website?
Dan Desroches of DCS Websites LLC is the person who did all the design and programming tricks to make my ideas and vision for this website come together. Dan is very technically knowledgeable, flexible, imaginative, willing to learn and try new computer gimmicks to work through technical challenges, and a timely professional who takes great pride in his work. I have been impressed with Dan’s clear communication of technical information that would otherwise be way out of my league, as well as with his cheerful ability to ease the customer through the potentially stressful process of building and getting a new website 'up and running', particularly a webstore. Dan has designed a wide array of websites, but, before I hired DCS Websites LLC, I contacted at least six of Dan’s web design customers. They all had rave reviews about his work. Each one said that Dan did not impose his aesthetics on the website owners, but built to the owner specifications. I concur! Top notch work!! Thanks, Dan!!

Thanks to each of you, my valued customers, for your interest, your trust, and your previous business. I regret the need to close the business side of this website!

Craig M. Szwed
Author & Photographer
Owner, CraigSzwed.Net

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