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Evolution vs. Creation

Opening my eyes and my ability to reason:

I was brought up in a relatively intellectually oriented home. We read all the "National Geographic Magazines" and science books we could devour.  Although we lived in the countryside, we only looked through the eyes of what others said, instead of looking through the eyes that God gave us.

I took all the usual evolution oriented classes throughout high school, college, and some post graduate classes as well.  I was taught that we came from apes, which came from "lesser" mammals, which came from little hoppy crawly things, which came from minute creatures, which came from slime, which came from a big bang, which came from matter that had no beginning and no end, which came from nothing.    Today, some hypothesize that everything was started by "something", as long as that "something" wasn't God.  Many prefer to believe in aliens birthing us, but neglect to explain the Initial Cause of the aliens.  And so the debate goes on and on.  Every soul has to satisfy her or his own curiosity and spiritual and intellectual hunger.  Putting off an honest spiritual search for truth only leads us into dead ends that cost us the loss of time, money, health, and the loss of love and respect of family and friends and colleagues, not to mention the battles we force ourselves into against God, by trying to 'do it all' our own way.  We may even sign our own earthly and eternal death warrant by the choices that we make in this life.

For a long time, I was a devout Darwinian evolutionist and accepted that self-justifying scenario quite blindly.  As such, I thought little about personal accountability.   From a spiritual standpoint, I thought that when one died the "lights went out" and that was all there was to life or death.  How lonely!  How depressing!  And how irresponsible!  As a lusty teenager and young adult, such beliefs were very convenient, allowing me to be the center of all that I desired to think or do, no matter what the repercussions were.  I did not bother to examine the implications of the myriad of competing "evolutionary theories", which are often popularly lumped together in the appearance of unity, or proclaimed as truth, even though their hypothetical ideas often undermine each other's tenets.   For all the noise about the alleged truth of "evolutionary" claims, I saw none of the teachers or proponents of "evolution" really trying to examine or test what they claimed.  They seemed satisfied to judge all other things by the evolutionary ideological filters with which they had been indoctrinated.  They all appeared knowledgeable and sincere, even enthusiastic about their beliefs, so I, too, followed their lead and reiterated what they pontificated to me.  I didn't realize how religiously protective we all were being about what we claimed to believe about "evolution", or how we all dreaded facing the need to reexamine the philosophical and scientific mechanisms of what and how we professed our "evolutionary" beliefs.  There was a lot of pseudo-science camouflaging the matchstick ideological houses we built in the name of "evolution".

On moral, social, and emotional issues, I knew when I was really wrong, even though I did not want to admit it, nor admit the spiritual basis of my righteous self-judgment.  I was not aware that I was practicing poor scientific technique in those days, whenever I parroted what I had been taught about the origin of life.  As I was exposed to more people with a wider range of outlooks and philosophies, I fought the truth harder and harder to avoid admitting that this amazingly complex and wonderful Creation has to have a Designer, a Law Writer, a Maintainer, and a Life Giver.  I DID NOT WANT to face the fact that even the things which appear most simple are really quite complex, deceiving our senses because of the scale on which we view them.  Discoveries about high-speed bio-magnetic motors and torque reduction mechanisms in bacterial motility mechanisms bear this out.  See the Creation Research Society link below, to contact them for their quarterly magazine detailing this information (Vol 31, June 1994, Number 1).

Since 15 March 1984, when I trusted Christ for His salvation, I have opened myself to real scientific study, as well as Scriptural study.   That openness and willingness to test and examine ideas has put me onto a more truly scientific path that leads away from the "evolutionary" view.   As I have studied the Bible and science with a more open mind and heart, I have found that God REALLY "IS," and that He is THE AUTHOR of all that we experience in the natural and supernatural.  He is the Law Giver who restrains the evil that has grown up in His Creation.  God is the inventor of order.

Sin (missing God's mark by self-ish will) is the source of death and destruction.  The whole order of God's creation now groans waiting for God to cleanse it from the chaotic lawless ravages of sin.  His cleansing will be by fire and total destruction of all that now exists, except those He takes to Himself before the end, who have honestly trusted Him and His Christ, rather than trusting man or man-made religion.  Humanity can not save itself from itself, nor from the Judgement to come.  This is not some new revelation, but biblical teaching that is eons old, as recorded in the Bible Gospels and letters of Peter, Paul, and John, as well as in the preceding eons of Old Testament history and prophecy.

The following links refer the reader to experienced scientists and science study groups in a variety of disciplines, who subscribe to the literal biblical account of creation.  If you believe the literal Bible account, know that you are not alone in your conviction about that.  There are literally thousands of bona fide scientists, with a host of advanced degrees, who, also, have come to the realization, mostly through their own research, that the universe is a NEW and YOUNG work of God, just as God recorded in the Bible.

It would be erroneous on my part, if I failed to admit that scientific, technical, biblical, spiritual, social, and interpersonal errors have been made, at times, by human parties on 'both sides' of the creation-evolution debate.  However, let us not lose sight of the fact that, in the purest sense of scientific methodology, both evolutionistic and creationistic outlooks or models ultimately are not testable, with regard to a Beginning Event.  We humans simply can not create nor repeat the INITIAL Event of how all things started.  We can guess about it, ourselves, based on our own observations and study of current and historical conditions, or we can take that Event on faith, based on someone else's study of the subject.   In either case, when I was a child and as I went through college, there was little difference between how I was taught religion and the study of origins in school.  In school or church, adherence to prescribed doctrinal tenets was demanded by school teachers, college professors, and religious leaders alike.  What they all neglected is that they each should have been encouraging us to learn how to question, how to examine objectively, and how to test the veracity of ideas and practices.  Even in the Bible, God says to us, "Come let us reason together."  Swallowing and vomiting knee-jerk "science", without questioning or reasoning, is no better than its equivalent in religion, politics, or community and business management.  God expects us to use our gift of reasoning, whereas "yes-men" or sycophants only serve to strip us of our reason, and thereby cripple us.

Numerous scientists and philosophers have repeatedly asked whether a person is really using scientific methodology, if one chooses to exclude the possibility and study of a particular Initial Cause simply because one does not like to think about or believe in the likelihood of that particular Initial Cause, especially if that Initial Cause fits the data at hand better than another possible Initial Cause.  Shall we examine the evidence or shall we blind ourselves so that we can not see it, then blame the blindness instead of ourselves for misusing our hand to make us blind?  Shall we examine all the evidence or only look at the things we want to see?  Which of these is more scientific in its methodology?

God says He is the ONLY Witness to the Beginning of all things.  In this life, no human can ever see how God created everything.  Therefore, we really have few choices from which to pick, concerning how we will view the subject at hand.  Do we pick tradition? educated guesswork? wishful thinking? faith? or some combination thereof?  Those who debate this topic need to admit that ALL our competing views are based IN FAITH and BY FAITH on certain PRECONCEIVED IDEAS which are rooted in our families, cultures, hopes, fears, and aspirations in this life, as well as with respect to our aspirations, or lack thereof, regarding spiritual life after our physical deaths.  God places the banquet of faith before us in the light of His highly complex and well ordered Creation.  Our natural ways are not His spiritual ways or truth, and His spiritual truth and ways are not our natural ways.  We see through little eyes and minds.  He sees and knows all things.  He waits for us to awaken to the splendor of what He has done, that we might partake and praise Him for His beauty and glory.

May the Good Lord bless your SEARCH, and your RESEARCH.

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