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The following bulleted titles are for public domain use:

I decicate this collection to our Savior & Lord, Jesus Christ,
Who continues to teach me love, compassion, responsibility, truth, and how to express myself as a writer.

  • Learning to Let Go
  • This assemblage of thoughts grew out of attending several Anonymous meetings, personal and professional discussions, and other experiences in my life. The death of my third wife prompted me to write it all down, which helped me to clarify and gel the ideas.

  • A Challenge to Overcome Loneliness
  • Many times throughout my life I have had to quiet myself and learn to overcome the anxieties and fears that prey on a person who has difficulty being alone, just as much as the person who has problems with crowds. Sometimes I have found myself feeling alone when I was with other people, or even with someone whom I have loved very much. The insecurities of loneliness do not respect us nor our relationships. All too often we are confused by the differences between being alone and being lonely. While this commentary does not presume to take on the philosophical argument of what those two things mean to any given person, it is important to know that there is a profound difference between being alone and being lonely. We each need to explore and understand what the significance of that is for ourselves, personally. On the basis of clarifying and knowing that distinction, for ourselves, we may learn to gain the upper hand over our own emotions and a sense of vigor and triumph in our daily lives. The thoughts and comments, in this short paper, grew out of several grief management workshops and meetings that I attended after my third wife died. I have paraphrased, reworded, and reworked the ideas and comments that were shared with us in those meetings by group members, as well as, those of pastors, professional counselors, and nursing staff. This work is as the collective voice or song of a chorus of souls sharing their aggregated experiences and wisdom, not just a singular work by this author, who has served as a collator and recording secretary to convey this amalgam to the reader.

  • Study of the Biblical Principle and Purpose of Baptism
  • This study of what biblical baptism is and what it signifies was born out of my attempts to understand and clarify many competing arguments of various religious groups that attempted to sway my thinking about the subject. Before starting this study, I had to tell each one to back off so that I could prayerfully, calmly, and rationally read and study the Bible for myself, to be able to see (by God's grace and His Holy Spirit) the biblical applications and principles that lead one into a right relationship with God.

  • Study of the Biblical Words Relating to Wine and Alcohol
  • This annotated paper took many months to complete. As a relatively young Christian, I found that several arguments about alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine were raging in numerous pulpits. To satisfy my own curiosity I needed to do my own biblical research on the topic, to be sure I was reading each verse and connotation in its proper biblical and historical context.

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