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Welcome to a taste of my World!

Hi. I’m Craig Szwed, and this is the jump off point to explore other things besides my photo galleries & book store. Thank you for stopping in to check out my journey! 

  • I served in the "U.S. Army", and was in Viet Nam in 1967, flying as crewchief and gunner on a UH-1 (Huey) gunship. Being in combat has left me wrestling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It was over 30 years, after being in combat, before I became aware of the name of what had been poisoning my life. It was only through the counsel of fellow soldiers from my combat unit that I became aware that PTSD was the cause of those ongoing disruptions. Through the continuing ups and downs that PTSD can precipitate in one's life, I now seek ways to try to minimize the impact of the PTSD. Writing my poetry & stories, and shooting & editing my photos all help distract me from, and partially defuse, the nemesis that PTSD can be. I also try to practice the difficult mental and emotional art of deliberately "letting go" whenever stressors instigate the PTSD to flare up. The "letting go" info came from a variety of sources. (As a disabled Viet Nam War Veteran, and Purple Heart recipient, I thank God, and you, that your purchases help me to earn my living.)
  • Since leaving the military, I have occasionally done some shooting. But not nearly as often as in my younger years.
  • I rarely go fishing, but enjoy the water and walking outside in the LORD's beautiful creation.
  • In 2015, I passed Technician & General Amateur Radio license exams, and was initially licensed as a General Class Amateur/Ham operator. After spending another 8 months studying, designing, and building my mobile setup for my SUV, I passed the Amateur Extra Class test in June 2016, and was licensed as an Amateur Extra Class operator. My callsign is KC1ELZ. Any licensed operator may view my logbooks on the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Logbook of the World, and on QRZ.com You might even enjoy investigating my QRZ bio page links about my mobile build. I also log on the eQSL ham radio logging site. Amateur/ham radio is an extremely challenging hobby that employs numerous scientific fields to achieve its objectives. With the right equipment, training, desire, and God's mercy to provide the right conditions, you can talk just about all over the world. When I bought and tried to program my Wouxun KG-UV8D 2/70 HT radio, the original directions and software were very confusing, at best, and a couple of the aftermarket "clarifications" were not much better. Amateur/Ham operators who are having problems programming repeater or simplex information into their Wouxun KG-UV8D 2/70 handheld radio may want to read/download this frequency programming guide PDF that I had to rewrite in order to clarify the programming protocol. Using this 'improved version', now, I can properly configure my Wouxun HT. Also, get the CHIRP programming software and you will have MUCH less difficulty, than trying to use the Wouxun software.
  • I love taking photographs, and editing them, as you can see when you browse my CraigSzwed.Net photo galleries.
  • I especially enjoy writing poetry and have four wonderful poetry collections available for eager readers, PLUS a brand new illustrated story for children: "Ryan's Secret Balloon Ride: A Child's Story"!
  • I also write Scriptural apologetics and short papers about the evolution vs. Creation debate, and other topics of moral and spiritual interest.

You can click on these links, to learn in different languages how & why I trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior on 15 March 1984.  Since then, I have enjoyed a slowly maturing relationship with Him.  To me, as the Bible says, God's Word is to be feared, loved, trusted, obeyed, and learned regularly. 

I realize that none of us humans are perfect the way that Jesus Christ is.  We all need to come to Him on His terms, by "repentance toward God, and faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ."  I thank God that He will save any and all who will come to Him through faith in the finished work of the blood of Jesus Christ. He is wholly just and wholly merciful. His Word is perfect "as silver tried in a furnace of earth seven times."  May the Good Lord bless you as you seek Him through the Bible.

Other interesting websites and places: restaurants, massage, artists, cartoons, dog biscuits, and more.

Some of my other thoughts, studies, and commentaries, including works I released for Public Domain use.

In 2004, my third wife died of complications during the final stages of Cortico-Basal Ganglionic Degeneration.  CBGD is a rare and merciless killer of the brain.  It is often MUCH faster than Parkinson’s.  My wife noticed that something was going wrong in 1998, but wouldn’t say anything about it.  In 1999 I started noticing changes in her behaviors and movements, but she didn’t want to stop work or see the doctor about it.  After she retired in 2001, her condition was finally diagnosed correctly at the end of that year.  The following year she had a tremendous number of injuries due to deteriorating motor control.  She died at home July 15th, 2004, and went to be with our Lord Jesus Christ, after a difficult and heavily medicated battle with the muscle spasms and rapidly deteriorating self-control of many functions, that so characterize CBDG. Please feel free to write me, via my CONTACT Page, if you want to talk or ask about CBGD (Cortico-Basal Ganglionic Degeneration).

Psalms 1; Proverbs 9:10; John 1-3

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