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About CraigSzwed.net

For decades I have taken photographs as analog slides, prints, and polaroids, black & white, and color. For practical reasons, my very early photography will not be for sale, until at least some much later date.

With the advent of the digital camera, I was liberated from the constraints of having to worry about the cost of printing my shots, in order to be able to review them effectively. That reduction in time and expense stirred up my interest even more to see how many more shots I could squeeze in before my batteries ran low or my disk or memory stick filled up. On a twelve day trip to Italy, in 2002, I had to ration myself to about 80 photos per day, for two reasons.

The first was so I would have enough memory space to shoot photos every day. The last, but not least, was that any more picture taking than that and my wife might have threatened to leave me on the roadside photographing poppies, without bothering to send a taxi back for me later. I admit, it was OUR vacation... together.

Yes, I love taking photographs, editing them, and seeing how they turn out when printed. When done shooting for the day, there are always surprises for me as I view each batch of photos on my computer, or when my enlarged prints arrive. Particularly when I am doing a highly focused shoot, I very much enjoy the compositional aspect of photographic work. I do all my photos in jpg format, which yields a very good resolution usually. I currently use a 10mpix Canon SX 10 IS.

When I was testing photo enlargement services, I discovered a very good photo service, called MyPhotoPipe.com. They are the ones I use now whenever I want a high quality print, whether small or large. So far, the largest prints I had them make for me are 16x20" and 12x36". Their software, work, quality, ethics, sales, and S&H have all been EXCELLENT!

I also write books, stories, and commentaries about various topics in life. I currently have several books in process, and I currently have two books of poetry in print. The poetry books can be immediately ordered at reasonable cost from the publisher. The first is "Three Crows Hunting", and the second is "Pining from the Heat". "Three Crows Hunting" examines how we get into conflicts and how we cope with them. "Pining from the Heat" takes the reader through many of the ups and downs of how intimacy breathes in a living relationship. Writing poetry has been an avocation since I was in high school.

Thank you for visiting my website!
I hope you enjoy your stay,
- Craig Szwed

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